Saturday, November 12, 2011

Agile Software Development Process

In my new company, we follows Agile process for software development, and it is my first experience with Agile software development process. And it is really awesome process because in this process every thing is pre planned what to deliver when and no worry about whole software delivery :)

What is Agile software development process ?

Agile Process is basically based on iteration. In this process after requirement analysis it is decided that when we will deliver which iteration, and what will deliver in which iteration.

Step by Step Agile Development Process :

  1. Requirement Analysis.
  2. Plan All iteration release date upto the final delivery.
  3. Decide which software feature will be deliver in which iteration.
  4. Before 2 days of 1st iteration final release we release our 1st iteration for QA&Testing.
  5. In these two day we resolve all issues and finally release 1st iteration.
  6. Now we proceed for 2nd iteration.
  7. This time we have to release second iteration with all resolved issue of iteration 1.
  8. The above process is repeated upto the final release of application.

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