Wednesday, July 20, 2011

QR Code reader/scanner for iphone app in objective c (source code) using ZBarSDK

Hey, I have googled a lot and found very less material for how to implement a QR code reader in our iPhone app. Here I have integrated all material and implemented in my project.
So here I am sharing my experience of implementing a QR code reader in our iPhone app using ZBarSDK.

Step 1: Download  ZBarSDK from here.

Step 2: Create a new project in xcode and name it as QRscanner.

Step 3: Integrate this  ZBarSDK folder in your xcode project by drag and drop on equal level of class folder in left panel in xcode.

Step 4: Add these 7 frameworks in Frameworks folder: 

  1. AudioToolbox.framework
  2. CoreMedia.framework
  3. QuartzCore.framework
  4. SystemConfiguration.framework
  5. libiconv.dylib
  6. AVFoundation.framework
  7. CoreVideo.framework

Step 5: Now Go To this link and generate some QR codes.
(to generate QR codes only add the text which you want to attach with QR code at the end of the link (e.g. I have written archana) and press enter, and right click to save this image.) 

Step 6: Add these generated QR code's image in iphone library.

Step 7: Now open QRscannerViewController.h in your xcode and write this code:

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "ZBarSDK.h"

@interface QRscannerViewController : UIViewController <UIImagePickerControllerDelegate,ZBarReaderDelegate>{

IBOutlet UITextView *resultTextView;
@property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet UITextView *resultTextView;
@property (nonatomic, retain) UIImagePickerController *imgPicker;

-(IBAction)StartScan:(id) sender;


Step 8: Now open QRscannerViewController.m in your xcode and write this code:

#import "QRscannerViewController.h"

@implementation QRscannerViewController

@synthesize imgPicker,resultTextView;

-(IBAction)StartScan:(id) sender
ZBarReaderViewController *reader = [ZBarReaderViewController new];
reader.readerDelegate = self;
reader.readerView.torchMode = 0;
ZBarImageScanner *scanner = reader.scanner;
// TODO: (optional) additional reader configuration here
// EXAMPLE: disable rarely used I2/5 to improve performance
[scanner setSymbology: ZBAR_I25
  to: 0];
// present and release the controller
[self presentModalViewController: reader
animated: YES];
[reader release];

- (void) readerControllerDidFailToRead: (ZBarReaderController*) reader
                             withRetry: (BOOL) retry{
NSLog(@"the image picker failing to read");

- (void) imagePickerController: (UIImagePickerController*) reader didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo: (NSDictionary*) info
NSLog(@"the image picker is calling successfully %@",info);
// ADD: get the decode results
id<NSFastEnumeration> results = [info objectForKey: ZBarReaderControllerResults];
ZBarSymbol *symbol = nil;
NSString *hiddenData;
for(symbol in results)
NSLog(@"the symbols  is the following %@",;
// EXAMPLE: just grab the first barcode
//  break;
// EXAMPLE: do something useful with the barcode data
//resultText.text =;;
NSLog(@"BARCODE= %@",;
NSUserDefaults *storeData=[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
[storeData setObject:hiddenData forKey:@"CONSUMERID"];
NSLog(@"SYMBOL : %@",hiddenData);
[reader dismissModalViewControllerAnimated: NO];

Step 9: Now open QRscannerViewController.xib and design it UI like this:

Step 10: Now make connection of above 2 objects(UITextView and UIButton) with IBOutlet resultTextView and IBAction StartScan.(Refer Step 7 of…) 

At last build and run this app.

How to run this app:

Press  "START SCAN" button, and as we are running our app in simulator you will get screen like this:

Now press and hold (alt key)+(left click), Photo Album (image gallery, photo library) will open.
Select any QR code image. It will take hardly 2-3 seconds for scanning and finally you will get home screen with scanned data associated with QR code image on text view.

Download source code from here.