Friday, June 17, 2011

iPhone Application Deployement(Part I)

In this part we need 4 things:

  1. Certificate
  2. Device ID
  3. AppID
  4. Provision Profile

First we need to create certificate, then device, the App Id and last we have to create provisional profile.
Follow these steps to get all 4 desired things:

1. Go to developer’s website 

2. Click Login

3. Click iOS Provisioning Portal

4. Click Certificate to create a Certificate

         4.1. Go to Macintosh HD -> Application -> Utilities -> Keychain Access

         4.2. Top click Keychain Access - > Preferences-> Certificate-> OCSP CRL Off

         4.3. Choose Keychain Access -> Certificate Assistance -> Request a certificate from Certificate Authority….

        4.4. A new window will open. Provide email Address Common Name

        4.5. CA email address is BLANK (don’t put anything)

        4.6. Tick on Let me specify key pair information and click Continue.

        4.7. Go to developer’s website -> Certificate -> Distribution -> Request new certificate

         If the Request button is not available then Revoke the old certificate

        4.8. Choose Distributive Certificate and submit
        4.9. Now download the certificate. It will be in download folder.

        4.10.Double click the downloaded file (distribution_identity.cer) in download folder. It will be added to the keychain             Access.

        4.11.On the Keychain Access -> right click on the certificate-> select Export “iPhone Distribution:

        4.12.Provide a password for newly created file(Personal Information Exchange)

        4.13.Provide Keychain Access password(Your System Password)

5. CreateAppID

       5.1. Click App ID on the development portal. Click New APP ID

       5.2. Put David_comic as bundle Seed ID(App ID Prefix), select Generate New, put com.excoflare.comic as App Id suffix, click Submit.

       5.3. After generating the App id, it will be displayed on the screen. The Id contains some Alphabets before the com.excoflare.Comic (it will be displayed full as 26PG7VFH7Y .com.excoflare.Comic)

6. CreatingDeviceID 

        6.1. In the developers portal go to Device, click Add Device

        6.2. Provide the Device Name and Device ID(UID), click Submit.

              This device id will be used at the time of creating provisional certificate.

7. Create Provisional profile 

           7.1. In the developers portal go to Provisioning, select Distribution, select 

New Profile.

7.2. Select Ad Hoc if you don't want to upload on app store and only want to install on device, provide a name for the profile, select Distributive Certificate App ID from drop down menu(The App ID is created in 5), select the right Device Id(created in 6), click Submit.

Select App Store if you want to upload on app store, provide a name for the profile, select Distributive Certificate AppID from drop down menu(The App ID is created in 5), Device Id will be disable hereclick Submit.

           7.3. Download the certificate. It will be stored in download folder under the path Macintosh HD\Users\Computer Name\Downloads\.

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